Day #37: wake-up call

Last week vs this week

I feel I’ve had a wake-up call this week with my trading.

Last week, I executed my first trades based on my own markups. I was 3/3. I was pretty happy.

But then, just look at a snapshot from this week:

Clearly, I’ve got some more practising to do. I am pleased that I continue to learn all of this on demo, rather than a live account. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, my intention is to ‘master’ FX on demo; if I manage to consistently start making returns (i.e. consistent ‘blues’ and a demo account that positively compounds - i.e. grows - each week), that’s when I’ll move to live.

I am 50/50 right now on whether this FX trading thing will work out for me or not.

What else happened this week?
1. I attended a ‘Zoom’ call conducted by AFA on PriceTrap entry-points, it was one of the ‘advanced’ classes (I felt it was ready to move on from ‘intermediate’, especially now I’ve moved to marking-up my own charts)

2. Someone in the Whatsapp group shared their own' ‘rules’ when it comes to PriceTrap trading. It’s important to look at others’ advice and try out different things, to ultimately find a way that might work for you.

A final note
I’m still deciding on whether I wish to post weekly on this blog, or monthly.



Fiday, October 18th, 2019
Day 37

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