Day #31... and what's next?

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

It’s the last day of my month-long endeavour to track, daily, my progress with learning FX. Truth be told, a month has flown by, fast. However, I am pleased with my commitment and how strong a start I’ve made to this journey.

This whole week has been about executing more PriceTrap twin trades, and especially with marking-up my own charts so that I’m trading on my own markups (and not reliant of those of IML GoldCup / Christopher Derrick).

My plan from here is:

- Continue to mark-up my own charts, and execute trades
- Continue on demo, until I put together a good enough ‘run’ of consistency to make the transition to a live account
- Accept it if I don’t manage to ‘make this work’ (i.e. if I don’t find the strategy I am using to be consistently generating returns) - I move on, simple as that. If I am going to put real money in, I want it to be smart and utilising a strategy that is working for me; otherwise, it’ll become more a case of me throwing my money away.

From here on in, the plan is for me to continue posting on this blog, but once a week. I’m yet to decide what day that will fall on, but I guess w'e’ll find out sometime in the next 7 days :)

If you’ve been following along thus far, and have any questions, email me ->

If you think someone else would benefit from reading this blog, feel free to share it with them.

As mentioned, I’m taking this journey week-by-week, for now. Come Christmas, I think I will have seen enough evidence - and decided whether or not this is ‘working’ for me, and whether I am going to continue on this journey, or not.

Next week 📈
I’ll be sharing: my results from my trading journal this week (wins, losses, breakevens, mistakes), and the videos I’ve been watching/re-watching to better equip me when it comes to marking-up my own charts, and looking for the best possible trading opportunities & entry points.

Let’s see what happens… 👣



Thursday, October 10th, 2019
Month 1, Day 31

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