Day #27: Sunday, day off.

Sunday, October 6th, 2019

Nothing to report here. Markets are closed (till 10pm UK time, when they re-open) and Sundays are, for me, a day for re-energising and nourishing activities.

I went to brunch with my mum and bro, and then later watched the new Joker movie with my dad and bro. (I loved both).

I’m looking forward to next week, where I’ll practising executing some more PriceTrap twin trades (using Chris Derrick’s and my own mark-ups), and also focusing on 3-5 currency pairs max. each day, to focus and not spread myself so thin (last week, I was trying to keep an eye on 9-10 pairs, and it was a little tricky, especially with day-to-day tasks and responsibilities and general life stuff happening).



Month 1, Day 27

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