Day #21: logging my trades

Monday, September 30th, 2019

I finally started a ‘trading journal’ today, to log each of my trades. I see this as essential to tracking my progress on my demo account. It will let me look back and assess what’s working, and what isn’t. Most importantly, it will help me learn and improve.

It will give me the opportunity to track how ‘well’ I am doing - both in interpreting & executing Chris Derrick’s ‘price tra'p’ opportunities (via Gold Cup), and also the ‘success rate’ of things like ECC11 and the ‘TEA’ trades, so that I can assess whether I want to use those copy-and-paste trades, or rather focus my efforts on Price Trap.

I have about £30 in my demo account at time of starting this, which is good as I’m planning to start with a similarly small amount if I go live. I say if, because I will only go live if I can consistently produce trading profits and gradually increase this £30, and not turn it into zero. We’ll see what happens.

Later in the week, I’ll show you exactly what my ‘Trading Journal’ looks like :)



Month 1, Day 21

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