Hey, I’m Jas. I was using this to briefly document my first month’s journey of learning to trade currencies in the FX (forex) market, through an Academy that is an affiliate of iMarketsLive.

You can scroll through my journey here.

Ultimately, here’s what happened:

- Limited (if any) progress
I realised that learning to trade FX takes effort + dedication to master (I wasn’t interested enough). I took sensible advice and practised on a free account, and I won about as many trades as I won.

- Something didn’t feel right
Like other MLM schemes, I had my doubts about this one. There was lots of ‘hype’ inside the group - both in-person and on the WhatsApp group, and it appeared that many of those making money were doing so from others they’d referred to the scheme, rather than through FX trading itself.

Most importantly of all, my intuition told me that this wasn’t right for me.

Instead, I prefer writing, creating + helping others. You can find out more about me + what I’m currently up to over at -> www.Jasraj.me.